Bridgeway Capital

Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to Bridgeway Capital, who sponsored YLG Event: The Empire State Building of Homewood – 7800 Susquehanna.

Sponsor Spotlight

Bridgeway Capital is a community development financial institution (CDFI) providing flexible, mission-driven capital to help businesses, nonprofits, and community development projects grow and succeed. Bridgeway finances real estate projects bringing investment and economic activity into low and moderate income communities across western Pennsylvania. Bridgeway’s financing options help a variety of enterprises secure the capital needed to start, advance, and complete high quality community development projects.

Bridgeway’s strategy complements its small business development efforts, and helps improve overall economic conditions in chronically underinvested areas. Community development projects serve as powerful catalysts for economic activity and opportunity. Each newly constructed building or renovated property attracts new and transformative investments to low income areas. Bridgeway stands ready to help community developments achieve social impact.

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