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Partnership Forums

Many of Pittsburgh’s Young Leaders participate or have participated in Partnership Forum, a mentorship program with more established ULI members. Plans are currently in motion for our next forum. Are you ready to get involved?

Partnership Forums

Partnership Forums are formal groups of 5-8 ULI members involved in Young Leaders Group activities with varied real estate backgrounds and an experienced ULI member who meet over the course of a year to network, discuss real estate issues, and learn from each other’s experience and knowledge in the real estate industry. The Partnership Forums also provide an environment to broaden networks and develop lasting associations.

This program is the first of its kind in Pittsburgh to provide young real estate professionals with the opportunity to gain from the knowledge of experienced local practitioners in a small group setting. Our first Partnership Forums had enough interest to put together two complete forums, running concurrently under the mentorship of Jack Norris, CBRE and Frank Zappala, The First City Company in 2008. 2009 offered a third forum PFIII, under the direction of full member, David DeSimone, formerly with Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and currently the owner of Bridge Ten Brasserie. We are hopeful to bring a fourth forum!

Should you have any interest in the Partnership Forum (which is complimentary to any Young Leader), please contact Holly at holly.muchnok@uli.org 724.687.0707.