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Garfield on the Up Rise

On Thursday, June 25th, 2015, The Young Leaders Group of ULI Pittsburgh presented Garfield’s Small Adventure. Impassioned guest speakers with unique perspectives on the Bloomfield-Garfield area discussed their individual views on the small community and how efforts such as the micro-housing initiative and neighborhood revitalization programs have begun to make an impact on the neighborhood. Eve Picker, Founder and CEO of cityLab, presented the challenges faced by the Tiny House Movement and a program called “6% Place,” an effort to fill Garfield’s vacancies with creative workers and good neighbors. Rick … Read More

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Leadership Transition

William G. Cramer, Director of Property Management for Trek, has been named District Council Chair of the Urban Land Institute of Pittsburgh (ULI Pittsburgh). “ULI brings together leaders from all fields of real estate development and land use policy to exchange best practices that respect the uniqueness of both the built and natural environments” said Cramer. Mr. Cramer and Trek Development Group are officed downtown in The Century Building which was the 2012 winner of the Urban Land Institute’s Jack Kemp Workforce Housing Models of Excellence Award. Cramer will succeed … Read More

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