Programs Committee

The Programs Committee provides program opportunities for ULI Members through a variety of professional, executive and overall educational seminars.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is tasked with creation and coordination of our yearlong calendar of events. In collaboration with our Executive Management Team, Young Leaders Group, and Women’s Leadership Initiative, the program team organizes approximately 25 events to bring the mission, vision, and values of ULI to Western Pennsylvania.

Through the course of the year, 2018 programming will be reflective of trends identified by our ULI Pittsburgh Focus Group. To include:

  • Housing in the Region
  • Tech and Talent
  • Experiential Retail and Hospitality
  • The Innovation District
  • Equity and Inclusiveness
  • Healthcare and Development
  • Industrial Influx
  • The Office (corporate real estate in the Steel City)
  • Approachable Appetite for Investment
2018 Programs Committee

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