Our New Members

ULI Pittsburgh is pleased to announce and recognize those who have joined us most recently. Welcome!

Our New Members

The following members are our newest or newly renewing members:

November 2017

  • Jeni Cooper, Bridgeway Captial
  • Amanda Markovic, GBBN Architects
  • Gerald Morosco, Gerald Lee Morsoco Architects, PC

December 2017

  • Kristen Angehr
  • Kevin R. Brown, Praedium Real Estate Services
  • Rania Sakmar, Burns Scalo Real Estate
  • Barry Stein, The Barry L. Stein Company

January 2018

  • Robert Burack, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Christopher Gruendl, R3A
  • Tom Hardy, Palo Alto Partners
  • Gergory Hillard, Bohler Engineering
  • Yuyun Liang, Carnegie Mellon University
  • John Maynard, Bohler Engineering
  • Alex Sandoval, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Cindy Sun, Carnegie Mellon University