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Pictured left: TREK's The Century Building, a 2012 Jack Kemp Award Winner

Resources & News

State of the District Council 2018
by Tamara Dudukovich, District Council Chair

Early in 2018, the Pittsburgh District Council leadership affirmed our commitment to Inclusion, Engagement, and Impact as guiding principles for aligning our local membership, programs, and initiatives with regional opportunities and challenges, as well as with ULI’s global and national priorities.

Read about the current State of the District Council, along with information about our 2019 Annual Sponsorship Campaign & Partnership Opportunities here: 2018 State of the District Council.

FAQs for ULI Groups Planning a Tour/City Visit to Pittsburgh, PA

ULI Pittsburgh has organized this Pittsburgh City Visit FAQ’s document to offer insights into planning a tour from a visiting District Council of ULI – the Urban Land Institute to Pittsburgh, PA. With further questions, please contact the District Council Office, or City Visit Ambassador, Larry Fabbroni.

Let’s Talk About: A New Series

ULI Pittsburgh recently launched a series called “Let’s Talk About,” focused on presenting timely information about relevant development topics.   October 2, 2018 offered a first look at this new series focused on Riverfront Zoning Implementation. Please find further resources regarding RIV below.

Post Event RIV Resources:

1. Link to Planning Department’s RIV webpage
2. Sample Army Corps of Engineers Charts with “project pool elevation” marking

Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2018

On December 14, 2017, ULI Pittsburgh was featured on UrbanLand for our 2018 TRENDS program featuring keynote speaker, Patrick Phillips – Global CEO of the Urban Land Institute.  To read the article, click here.

On December 11-16, 2016, the ULI Advisory Services Panel came to Pittsburgh to compile a report on “Rebuilding the Working Communities of McKees Rocks and Esplen.” View the final report here.

2015 Annual Fund Advisory ServicesYou Can Make a Difference with ULI

As a member of ULI, you believe in our mission to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide. Every gift toward the ULI Foundation Annual Fund helps us advance this mission. Your contribution will provide vital support for outcome-oriented ULI programs including Urban Innovation Grants, Advisory Services Panels and the Building Healthy Places Initiative.

As you know, the ULI Foundation supports ULI’s mission by providing an assured source of funding for the Institute’s core research, education, and public sector activities. A key component of the ULI Foundation is our Annual Fund. Tax-deductible donations to the fund help ULI create vibrant, sustainable communities worldwide. In addition to longtime ULI offerings such as awards programs, the Hines Competition, UrbanPlan, Advisory Services, and existing centers such as the Rose Center and Terwilliger Center, the Annual Fund supports new additions and enhancements to ULI’s program of work, including:

  • A series of advisory service panels focused on urban reliance;
  • Cutting-edge activities related to the Building Healthy Places Initiative;
  • The creation of the ULI Center for Sustainability;
  • A Real Estate Entrepreneur Program;
  • Support of the Urban Innovation Grants;

Please take a moment to make your gift to the ULI Foundation Annual Fund today at

Buzz is…the New Pittsburgh!

Coined by former mayor Tom Murphy, a Buzz City is one that is thriving and attractive to young people, driven by growth from within and by interest from the outside. Focusing on Pittsburgh’s Multi-Modal Model, Bottom Up City Administration, Homegrown Green Master Plans and Community Stewards, and finally the plan for Almono, NEXT Pittsburgh highlights “4 Reasons Why Pittsburgh is Becoming a Buzz City.” With regard to the creation of this buzz, Mayor Bill Peduto says, “we just did what Pittsburghers do: we dusted ourselves off, we worked hard, and we re-identified ourselves.” Click the link above to read more from part one of a two-part series and learn what Pittsburgh has done to join the ranks of Portland, Austin and Denver.

ULI Advisory Service Panel:  Port Authority

On Friday, May 16, 2014, the ULI Advisory Services Panelists presented their results at the Omni William Penn Hotel.   The presentation used in the ULI report is available for download from the Port Authority website: