Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you to Desmone Architects, who sponsored YLG Event: Behind the Scenes Tour of Kaufmann's Grand on Fifth Avenue.

Sponsor Spotlight

Desmone Architects is a premier architectural and interior design firm changing the landscape of “how we do business” by investing in people, embracing technology, and positing ourselves as master-problem solvers within any community where we are invited to help.  Founded by Luke Desmone 60 years ago, we have grown from a small-family owned business into a diverse ownership group of 9 people.  We pay homage to our past through our values, but also understand our future success is only possible by allowing our employees to take ownership of the design opportunities presented through myriad of project types.

This said, Desmone is proud to have employees participate in the Urban Land Institute.  We strongly align with ULI’s mission to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.  As of this year, we are striving to highlight and celebrate the stories of our clients’ vision.  Check out our first two stories here:

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