For those under 35 years old, we we are pleased to offer unique opportunities for ULI member Young Leaders Group activities!


In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, nearly 20 percent of our members are young leaders (under the age of 35) and are part of a growing group of ULI members nationally. These individuals represent the future of Pittsburgh landscape.

In 2018, YLG has hosted the following programs: 

  • Happy Hour at Evangeline
  • Behind the Scenes Tour of Kaufmann’s Grand on Fifth Avenue
  • Party on Penn: Educational Foodie Crawl
  • Let’s Talk About: Riverfront Zoning Implementation
2018 Young Leaders Group Steering Committee
YLG Committee Members at Large

For more information on who the Young Leaders are and what they do, visit our What’s a Young Leader and YLG Programs tabs!

For further information about the Young Leaders Group, contact YLG Co-Chair, YLG Co-Chair Chris Stoffan at ces@sgkpc.com, YLG Co-Chair Justin Kline at justin.kline@am.jll.com, or you may reach Holly Muchnok at the ULI Pittsburgh District Council Office at 724.687.0707.